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We Value our employees

Intelligene’s employees are the most valuable asset. We aspire to bring the best in our employees and make them distinguished professionals. Our success and achievements lie in the hands of success and achievements of our employees and we aspire to make  them great people in the professional and personal lives, provide them with ongoing learning and development opportunities. Our employee’s feedback plays an important role in helping us develop the desirable work environment. 

Join Intelligenes and you will be on gain the experience that professional is always striving for and you will get to work with professionals who focus on delivering excellence.

Life At Intelligenes

Intelligenes holds quarterly activities for the employees to help improve their morals, boost their energy and strengthen their bonds with their colleagues.

We believe in continually improving the skills set of our employees by providing in house and external training to our employees.

Intelligenes hosts an award show yearly for their employees to award them for their efforts and hard work they have put in to complete the projects and make the organization move a step forward.

Intelligenes being a corporate responsible company, it believes in contributing back to the society that has given a lot in making Intelligenes one of the known companies in the industries and has helped in flourishing and achieving the goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that Intelligenes has taken so far are:

  • » Website for Pakistan Insaf Welfare trust
  • » Software development for Pakistan Insaf Welfare trust.
  • » Collected Donation for floods in Pakistan in 2010.