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     “The Premium Electronic Statement Solution” 


Esta is a premium web based e-statements solution offering comprehensive features for generation and dispatch of Electronic Statements. Esta covers all the key statements which includes statement of account, credit card, debit card, mortgages statements and many more which can be generated with several interactive and business friendly features.

Esta is designed to generate all types of customer statements in electronic formats. The main purpose of this solution is to replace the paper based statements with electronic statements and tracking the delivery of statements with efficiency. It also helps in eliminating various costs associated with the paper based statements such as paper wastage, delivery charges, printing charges and etc.

The E-statement solution also has the feature  that generates automated welcome letters, generates spends analysis, defines templates of e-statement depending on customer categories, placing clickable advertisement banners on e-statements, that can help to redirect the customer on the specific page you want.

  Esta Benefits

» Simple and Quick Implementation


» Bounced Email Tracking


» Clickable Banners on E-Statements


» Spends Analysis


» Message of the Month


» Welcome Letter


» Suppress Email


» Multiple File Sending Capability

  » Email Campaigns