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   “The Remittance Processing Solution”

Remittex is an end to end remittance management solution that supports agents in sending and receiving remittances in various currencies. It is a user friendly solution that facilitates both the acquisition and disbursement level transactions.

Remittex is a reliable and speedy remittance solution. It enables the end user to receive all third party payments electronically. Remittex eliminates all the manual steps involved in remittance processing. Remittex is a complete solution including the following:

• Booking Management

• Processing Management

• Disbursement Management

• Roles and user Management

• Security Features

  Remittex Benefits

Our remittance solutions will help financial institution customers:


» No separate modules


» Easy, Fast implementation


» No agents, no thick clients


» High-end automation


» Cost effective (really)


» Active Support.