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Service Management Suites

Intelligenes' service management solutions are meant to deliver service quality and to improve the service life cycle of your organization. We under diverse business needs when it customer servicing and satisfaction thats why we have come up with two separate solutions for you serving your internal and external customers separately. our experts have spent unlimited hours understanding, researching and developing the right solution for you as per your business needs.

Alexxo - ITIL Servicedesk

Alexxo is a market leader with thousands of customers in leading organizations. It helps you implement ITIL best practice in your IT organization and department. It also comes with a strong asset management tool that helps you manage,track and discover your IT assets. Not just IT you can use alexxo's comprehensive complain and service request management features for your other departments like HR, Admin, and Marketing.

Alexxo Care

Alexxo care is an external customer service management solution. It provides you a detailed and more comprehensive complaint lifecyle management as compared to other solutions. You can separate complaint buckets based on your categories and can in turn route them to relevant teams. It also offers multiple multilevel escalations that help in escalating the complaints to the right people and not just blindly.