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       "Streamline your Compliants with Alexxo Care"    

Alexxo Care is a comprehensive help desk which automates the key complaint handling and resolution processes for external customers of an organization with key functions of a service desk such as raising red flags for complaints awaiting for attention.

Alexxo Care organizes all the complaints at one place irrespective of the mode i.e. through call, letter, fax, email or any other mode that the organization uses. Alexxo Care automates the processes of complaint logging, and manage the complaints registered all at one place, department or group wise compliant viewing and resolution, it escalates any unattended complaints or special complaints that are to solved with in a shorter time frame, analyzes the root cause of the complaints to help improve the policies and procedures and generates the MIS reports of the complaints weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and on demand.

Alexxo Care benefits the Complaint management department by helping them in analyzing the key issues and increasing efficiency of complaint services. With Alexxo Care it’s easy to maintain customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

  Alexxo Care Benefits
  » Streamline all the complaints
  » Raises red flags for complaints left unattended.  
  » Ensures complaint resolution  
  » Helps in reducing the number of complaints