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Smart Cash Management and Transactions Monitoring with NexCash

Effortless Cash Management

NexCash is a very comprehensive and detailed solution that focuses on automating all the transaction processes related to cash management from receiving the instruments from the clients to its dispatchment. By managing all the channels of the payments, booking, disbursement and clearing it enhances the business size and numbers of transactions initiated per day.

One Click Financial Management

NexCash provides banks with a platform that unites all the branches so that cash collections and bulk disbursements can be executed without any hassle.

Monitor Each Transaction

NexCash gives you a strong control over your cash inflows and outflows resulting in effective management of working capital requirements. The solution comes with various components enabling you to manage ID, clients, acquisition, processing, disbursement, clearing and collection. The solution is inclusive of reports, security features, complaints, audit logs and much more.

NexCash Benefits

Smart Financial Management System
Order by Order Control and Management
Responsive User Friendly Dashboard
Manage Commercial IBFT
Invoice Calculator and Generator
Real-time Reporting Function