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Incremental Project Management With Scrum
Technological Advancements are more dynamic by now, businesses must be developed in a manner where the process is rapid as well as equipped with emerging techs. Intelligenes works on the Scrum methodology, which makes Real Time  customization possible, so that our customers have the maximum input on project development and design.
Step 1 : Customized Planning
Sessions with clients are important in creating road-maps towards the project development process. With Scrum customers achieve bit by bit cost effectiveness and customization with each phase of the project tested at intervals., This helps thus our customers understand both the dynamics as well as the logic behind the end solution. Its Powerful, Simple, and End User Oriented Project Management at its best.
Step 2 : Planning Sprints
Scrum enables breaking down of the entire project into smaller tasks,which ensures that customers are able to reprogram the entire project at will as each assignment is completed accordingly.Our Team creates a tentative analysis along with the project timeline. The customer gets the ultimate chance to custom develop and design each phase of the process.
Step 3 : Sprinting Through
Each Step in the process is defined as a sprint which means that the customer’s requirements are met at a safer pace.Allowing our customers to review each step, we make it comparatively easy and flexible for them to decide every feature of the product. Even when the product is fully designed we allow our customers to review each feature and do a detailed audit so that they become recurring clients rather than one-time sales.
Step 4 : QA & Beta Testing
Each Sprint is accompanied with a QA and beta testing trial to ensure that our  customers get executable product that can later be conjoined to form the complete project. This helps the team in identifying the problems and getting resolved at the earliest. Each day the team meets and discusses about the development, the issues encountered and how fix them, this speeds up the process and makes the overall product ready to launch. Issues related to the development of a Project are discussed every day speeding up the process of getting the end product launch-ready well within the stipulated time.
Step 5 : Deployment & Support
We provide detailed and dedicated support services to our customers as well followed by regular updates for currently deployed software and solutions. This helps our customers retain their edge over latest technological advancements and stand out from the crowd.
Why Use Scrum as Project Management Principle?
The need for agile methodology arose due to emerging technologies. Agile for the first time gave project owners a critical ability to modify the project while it’s going through the development phase. This not only cuts down the entire hassle of redevelopment, it also makes it easier to create a more desirable product.  
Time Saving

You can complete the project in half its time

Customized Solutions

You can Incorporate any modification during development phase.

You Decide Every Phase

Customer can be an active member of the project development phase.

Efficient & Cost Effective

The product is cost effective and efficient.

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