Empowering BI with AI and Smart Tools

There is a reason why in just 2 years Power BI has managed to become a market leader in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence.
The platform carries with itself the classic Microsoft attribute “Made for the User” from design to the actual platform itself. Under Nadella’s Leadership Microsoft has been warming up to all sorts of partnerships and age-old rivalries are being forged into new friendships.
This has made the platform amass a major chunk of clientele currently more than 200,000 Firms are active Users of Power BI. Easy Integration and Cross-Platform Support has enabled Microsoft to Ship 400+ updates, thus strengthening the goodwill among customers that the team is constantly updating the system.

What makes Power BI Stand Out?

Microsoft Power BI

converts the company’s data into very attractive and comprehensible visuals, making it easy for you and your company to gather information, organize and devise effective business strategies.
The system is created so that you stay in the know, to identify trends as they occur, and to steer your business towards success.
The platform also helps users track their business and derive answers fast via robust and comprehensive dashboards that are available on every device.
Power BI can convert your raw data into comparison models which you can visually comprehend, this ability makes strategizing and decision making easy for business. Power BI has been developed to efficiently manage, monitor, and analyze data smartly.
It’s a solution for those businesses that highly depend on real-time data analytics, the cross-platform ability comes in handy because businesses can monitor and compare data from multiple platforms.

Power BI and the Advent of AI

Artificial Intelligence has been rapidly disrupting businesses in a 360 manner, from basic operations to complex decision making AI is being employed as part of the basic architecture.
Microsoft has smartly integrated Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning into its Business Intelligence System.

The Platform is updated every month with their cloud-based platform being updated on a weekly basis.

Some of the Coolest Features on Power BI

Power BI is highly adaptable business intelligence software that has been designed and developed with nearly every member of the society under focus, its visualizations and usability are also easy for people with disabilities, a consideration which is crucial in incorporating people with special needs into the system.

What If Report Feature:

An amazing new feature is What If, which allows Report Authors to create filters that can be utilized by the users to customize reports. If designs visuals that are easy for the normal employee to review and understand.
“The reason for doing that is that the business users have the context that the business analyst may not have because they are in the business every day,” Doyle, Head of Product Marketing at Power BI said. “So, they may want to do ‘what if’ analysis without having to go back. The analyst is now empowering them to give them more insight into their business.”

Quick Insights:

Another feature in Power BI Desktop is Quick Insights. Also available in the cloud service and powered by Microsoft’s artificial intelligence technologies, particularly machine learning, Quick Insights automatically creates new visualizations on data sets, helping answer questions users may not know to ask and offering organizations different, potentially insightful perspectives on their data.

Navigating the Future with Power BI

In the here and now, Microsoft is going beyond democratizing business intelligence by making the technology more accessible to users of all ability levels.

“We are passionately looking to empower all businesses even those that are being run by people with disabilities with our visualizations and AI integrated system”

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