Bubble – No Code

Create fully functional web and mobile applications
without writing code.

Bubble – No Code Development

Create Fully functional web and mobile applications without writing code.

What we Offer

Intelligenes, a premier software development firm, excels in no-code app development, utilizing tools like “Bubble” . We offer tailored, cost-efficient solutions, expediting project realization without the need for extensive coding expertise.

How we help you create your desired
applications in the most creative way

We use Bubble to create functional applications, test them and deploy them faster than the traditional programming methods. It gives you the competitive edge
advantage to enter the market sooner.

Web Apps

Bubble uses a drag-and-drop approach to
create customized functional Web apps with
the desired application layout.


Bubble offers a wide range of plugins to
enhance and maximize functionality by
adding additional features to your app

IOS/ Android Apps

We build iOS and web applications
accessible through browsers on desktop and
mobile devices with responsiveness

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Bubble applications Portfolio

Why choose us

Intelligenes solutions use a collaborative approach to analyze your business process and identify areas for
improvement. We design and develop custom web solutions to address pain points, automate tasks, and enhance
overall efficiency.






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Bubble Platform development phases overview


The discovery phase involves the project team collaborating with stakeholders to understand the business requirements, goals, and challenges. The development team works closely with the stakeholders to understand the goals and objectives of the project.


After gathering requirements, the design phase begins. It includes creating a comprehensive
blueprint for the solution. It involves defining data models, workflows, user interfaces, and
integrations. We ensure the alignment of the solution with the organization’s objectives.


The project team actively builds the solution by creating custom applications, building workflows, automating tasks, and constructing data models. The development phase involves the actual implementation of the solution.


It involves various types of testing, including unit, integration, system, and user acceptance. These tests are performed to identify bugs and issues and improve the solution’s performance and usability.


The deployment phase involves deploying the solution to the target environment and making it
accessible to the end-users. It involves configuring security settings and granting appropriate permission settings. It is a smooth transition from the development environment to the live environment.

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance are required to ensure the smooth operation of the deployed solution. It includes monitoring performance issues, addressing feedback and enhancement, and applying updates and patches as necessary.


Our Minimum Bar for Client Delivery.

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What you can Build with bubble


It is an excellent choice for building MVPs. It allows you to
validate your idea or product concept by quickly
creating a prototype before investing further resources.

Corporate Portals

Bubble allows us to develop corporate portals as
centralized platforms for businesses to manage various
internal processes and information.

E-Learning Systems

Bubble helps develop Learning systems to facilitate
online learning and education by helping you build
interactive courses, quizzes, progress tracking, user
profile, and other features.

Business Applications

Bubble allows the development of various business
applications, including CRM systems, project
management tools, inventory management systems, HR
applications, and more.

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What is .bubble?

Bubble.io is a visual development platform that allows users to create web applications without traditional coding. It empowers individuals to build complex web applications using a visual interface.

Is Bubble good for web development?

Yes, Bubble.io is considered a good platform for web development.

Can you add code to bubble?

Bubble.io is primarily designed as a no-code platform, but it does offer a limited way to integrate custom code snippets into your applications through an HTML element.

Is Bubble good for startups?

Yes, Bubble.io can be a good option for startups, especially those that are resource-constrained, looking to rapidly prototype, or aiming to bring their products to market quickly.

Why use Bubble no-code platform for your projects??

Using the Bubble no-code platform for your projects can offer several benefits, depending on your specific needs and goals such asĀ Rapid Development, No Coding Required

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