n advancements as we blitz through the technological era into the age of smart cities, with UAE becoming the first country to fully embrace AI into the Governmental Structure. It’s clear that the future is a hybrid between the virtual world and reality. Cloud Computing is the basic structure upon which the entire Future of Computational technology is dependent, as 2017 enters its last quarter, we look towards the future and how companies are planning towards it.

100x Growth in Cloud Storage and Services

As we reel into 2018, looks like the thunderclouds of Technological development are finally ready to shower IT firms with technological solutions and storage to exponentially boost human civilization into a completely different era. Cloud Computing has been a key factor behind the highly successful Start-up Era which made globalization a real thing.

One of the most pivotal aspects of Cloud Computing is the growth of SaaS, Software as a service, businesses for the first time could use their clouds for solutions making affordability, availability, and efficient systems possible. Cloud Computing is one of the most heavily infested areas in the Tech Sector Right now, with major players predicting it to become the very foundation of future civilization.

As per a study conducted by cisco is was forecasted that only SaaS will grow at a rate of 12% (Approx.) with around 60% market share of the overall cloud computing operations. Platform as a Service (PaaS) has been calculated to grow at a good rate of 5% and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has a good growth estimation as well.
This steady increase in cloud computing only reinforces we believe that businesses are finding cloud to an economical and flexible solution for their complex problems.

Vast Storage Capacity Capability in Cloud

We are living in the age of Computation and Intelligent Data, businesses are getting more and more comfortable with cloud computing thus cloud storage has been getting bigger every moment today it is estimated that the overall cloud storage capacity is more than 600 EB ( 1 EB = 109 GB) and by 2018 it will increase to 1.1 ZB ( 1 ZB = 1012* GB).
This shows the massive importance data computation has on future Businesses. Smart business places will benefit the most from such opportunities.

The Internet of Everything is here

Artificial Intelligence and easy availability of the Internet has made it possible for the first to create an entire virtual reality which can co-exist with the real world and companies have been working arduously to create solutions that can create an Augmented Reality which can create smart cities. The basis of this evolution in technology has been cloud computing.

This will initiate an impressive era where humans will not only interrelate with machines, they will able to create a homogeneous environment where machines will be performing actions that initially were performed by their human counterparts. This will usher in an era of rapid technological advancement.

The huge importance of IOE is that it will cause human civilization to become much more synergized as global interactions will become the new norm. 2018 will be critical as cloud computing gets more advance it will only rush the development of the Internet from just a medium to the very fabric of human civilization.

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