The charitable behavior of all generations shows that regardless of age everyone is making an impact for a better tomorrow in this world.

Some generations are making more monetary donations such as Boomers and Matures, they are well established and settled and can contribute money instead of time. Whereas comparing all the generations, the rest of them are also impacting the betterment of this world by volunteering, spreading word of mouth, advocating, or helping other peers.

The ways of giving are changing, but the hearts remain the same. Recent generations are more inclined towards using technology, so philanthropists are adopting new ways how technology can help them achieve more and more for a global cause.

In 2018, 15% more online deposits have been made as compared to 2014, so it’s pretty much predicted where the philanthropists should put their efforts.

The below Infographic shows the charitable behaviors of different generations in the US. You can click the image to view it in full size.


The Next Generation of American Giving

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