Today’s world is driven by technology. Regardless of how big or small your organization is, your day to day tasks involve the use of high-tech equipment. It is no surprise that non-profit organizations are using technology to enhance their corporate marketing, service, and administration functions. Yet, managing their day to day activities remains an issue.

The gateway to their problem is an IT help desk which turns the assistance of outside contractors into the software. It plays its basic role in generating a ticket as well as provide strategic value for the long run. Investing in a help desk is worthwhile as it provides many benefits.

Here are the few beneficial aspects of using an IT help desk.

Incident and asset management

The IT Help desk is valuable when you have to record unpredictable incidents, logging procedures, and the steps taken to resolve the incident. With the help of an IT help desk, you can easily manage your tasks. The help-desk technician can reassign the ticket to a new technician, close the ticket, or assign the ticket to more than one technician. It also stores the asset information available within your organization. It can store asset category and name, bar code number, product description, producer name, model number, and much more in a single place. In addition, having all the information in one place makes data management much easier. It also improves your fundraising ratio and makes communication much powerful.

Help Desk Dashboard

The IT dashboard provides a birds-eye view of the overall performance of your organization. The dashboard is the facility that allows you to see how your donors have interacted with you through various channels and their actions all in one place. The help desk doesn’t only allow you to maintain a healthy relationship with your donors but also help improve your internal communication.

Moreover, the dashboard ensures the transparency of data among the departments for a trustworthy environment. Data in any organization is the basic asset but in nonprofit firms, it is the key to success. Having centralized information like donor’s profile, incoming funds, and statistics in one place, raises the opportunity to identify your next larger donation. Who doesn’t want to know where your next big funds are coming from? We are sure you do!

Therefore, why waste time on your desktop to fix all IT problems when you can employ a help desk to do so for yourself? Let the support team do its job and you can concentrate on creating fresh methods to obtain your next donation.

Still, wondering if the IT help desk is going to prove beneficial to your organization? We’d like to talk to you. How about a customized help desk that allows your support team to work efficiently? This is your gateway.

Alexxo, Intelligences’ IT Help-desk, allows you to organize incoming requests and manage day-to-day tasks in your non-profit organization.

With Alexxo, effortless ticketing is becoming a reality. Here are some of Alexxo’s features in a nutshell.

• Canned responses for repetitive tickets.
• Facility to leave notes for internal communication.
• Auto-assign tickets to the right person.
• Organize and route tickets.
• Know when your ticket is being fixed.
• The existing asset management interface
• Customized teams’ structure
• Email server integration
• Active Directory integration

Not only that, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, help desks can be made more dignified. The system you can talk about to raise your ticket will be a screamer. We’re sure you’d like to have that kind of help desk.

All in all, our help desk can help you achieve the goals of your non-profit organization by resolving your issues quickly without going the extra mile. Once internal problems have been addressed, staff can focus more on fundraising techniques and ideas that will help increase your productivity.

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