In today’s world, there has been a phenomenal increase in the demand to produce software quickly and more efficiently. Companies are looking out for solutions that are alternatives to traditional coding. This has fuelled the “Rise of Low-Code Platforms”. As shown in the infographics below, 68% of the apps are used by customers or business partners as they need simple and unique software to have a frictionless user experience.

Low-code development is the future of technology, destined to revolutionize the business field. Developing full-fledged software sounds expensive, especially for small or mid-sized businesses. It requires high technical knowledge and takes a considerable number of man-hours. Low-code platforms offer enterprises the flexibility to build tailor-made applications with minimal coding and lower costs than traditional coding. It is empowering millions of business leaders and IT experts, allowing them to turn great ideas into applications more efficiently. According to Forrester, the market for low-code development has experienced a 68% revenue growth and a market size of $10.3 billion in 2019.

Tech experts at Intelligenes have created an infographic, charting the rise of low-code solutions. Among the highlights are that 41% of the people are already using low-code and a further 10% are about to start soon. Low-Code’s popularity is due to the fact that it addresses key challenges faced by developers when using traditional platforms. This includes lower costs, more efficient processes, and the quick development of apps. As portrayed in the infographics, low-code users are 11% more likely to deliver web applications in 4 months or less compared to those not using them. This means that low code is not prone to delays and is more productive than full-code.

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