2020. What a year this has been! COVID19 pandemic, widening economic inequality, and the climate crisis, just to name a few. While these challenges faced in 2020 are continuing their journey with us in 2021, we have been able to learn from 2020 as to how to go about these challenges. Here’s our best guess on why 2021 is the best year for your startup.

The previous year has encouraged us to see the world more clearly in terms of what has been working, and what hasn’t. By the end of 2020, organizations are accelerating digital strategies to cope with the changing environment by optimizing their business processes. These advancements will open a window of opportunities for businesses in 2021. It will restructure the way organizations operate and survive.

Growing product opportunities

2020 has affected our economic and social behaviors of the public. People are now realizing that by using the right technology, they can perform their daily functions without getting out of the house. Online grocery deliveries, pivot to digital classrooms, and online consultation services have opened new possibilities for people. 

According to research, 75% of people using digital methods will continue to do so even after things return to “normal”. This gives your startup the opportunity to tap into the growing pool of resources and find the right product that meets today’s needs.

High Consumption of Online Content

Today, as 2021 starts we can’t help but notice that the consumption of online content is higher than ever. Making it the best time to set up a company. Consumers’ increasing dilemmas are catered with more solutions than ever. It has now become accessible for people to start a business. According to a study, e-commerce has spiked by nearly 40% in the wake of COVID-19. If you think about how your own purchasing behaviors have evolved over the last year, it will be easier to spot trends as to where we are heading in the world of businesses.

Moreover, 2020 has changed the focus of businesses on the digitization of concepts and immediate plans of action. Greater use of digital communication channels and electronic documents will change the landscape of 2021. The increasing need for brands to develop faster and more efficient apps will give rise to the “Minimum Viable Product”. MVP is a partially functional product with a minimal set of features that has room for continuous improvement and development. The initial version that you’re offering can be analyzed and improvised. This will lead to a collection of real-time feedback from your consumers. Also, building a Minimum Viable Product would minimize your risk and assure the future of the business.

Better scope to market your product

According to a study by Entrepreneur.com, 86% of Americans agreed that the changes in 2020 will have a lasting impact on our behaviors. Today, most people are seeking comfort in a sheltered environment they have created for themselves-their homes. This has caused a long-term psychological shift in how to do things and changed the entire landscape of consumer behavior. Online deliveries, digital payments, and virtual marketing apps have opened a window of opportunities for enterprises. It has given businesses a chance to market their product through digital platforms in 2021.

Furthermore, Brands are expected to reimagine their marketing app strategies as “digital” is the new spotlight. To survive in this environment, companies will adopt digital capabilities by building apps and websites that will allow them to go online in 2021. This is why 2021 is the best time for you to take advantage of marketing opportunities in this competitive world.

If you are hesitant about starting your own business in 2021, focus on the reasons why it will work and not on why it won’t. Because whatever we focus on grows. This is why we are predicting 2021 as the best year for your startup.

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