Around 150 million startups are created every year with unique ideas and ambitions throughout the world.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by these massive numbers. No doubt, much work goes into creating a startup. Entrepreneurs toil day and night collaborating with teams of individuals, handling suppliers and retailers, and overseeing marketing operations.

However, their biggest challenge is securing the one thing without which no business can survive: capital.

Venture Capital Funds provide necessary investments for such startups in their initial stages to boost growth. They exist as complete institutions to deal with startups in search of investors.

Even though acquiring VC investment is a challenging process with low rates of success, there are specific steps you can take to make your business a part of their portfolio.

Plan Carefully and Be Thorough

Avoid contacting multiple Venture Capitalists in bulk and sending raw emails with summaries and proposals of your startup. This can tick them off, and they may deem you to be more of a liability than a necessity.

You should conduct thorough research before approaching any VC firm. Identify the traits and likeness of the venture capitalists by identifying whether your startup sector aligns with investors’ interests.

Focus your time and energy on one ideal investor at a time and present your idea in a persuading manner. A carefully planned approach increases the chances of your startup securing an investment.

Create a Winning Summary and Presentation

How you present yourself and your firm shall decide whether your startup is eligible for the investment or not.

You might need to present a startup summary to the VC board so they can understand your business’s general objectives, structure, and outlook. This should be bold and distinguished enough to capture their interest. Once they give you the green light, it’s time for you to shine.

There are only two factors that distinguish you from all the startups out there: your personality and your planning.

Your presentation should have both: accurately forecast numbers and a conviction to succeed.

If you manage to impress the investors, you’ll likely bring the cup home.

Have Realistic, Clear-cut Expectations

Acquiring a Venture Capital Fund can be a lengthy process. The process includes a set of meetings, negotiations, and legal documentation for the validity of investments. Presenting your idea to the firm to acquiring a venture capital fund is a demanding procedure as the competition in the market is always high.

Expect the process to be lengthier than you think it will be.

Moreover, you must have a legal team and an expert financial analyst on your side to authenticate the deal and get the best terms laid out for you.

Remember to plan for all contingencies. Historically, securing VC investment is difficult, so you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

You can also choose to approach angel investors or microfinance banks if this approach doesn’t pan out.

What’s most important is that you believe in your business’s success and strive towards its potential. You should present yourself so that the investors believe they need to invest in your startup and not the other way around.

So, venture forth!

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