Okay, so you are a business. If you are required to connect with other entities to conduct business, what do you do? You search a million web pages to find critical brand insights; you try to scan through review websites to check the authenticity and reliability. The most severe fault in any website that collects ratings is supposing the resource’s independence and neutrality. Only favourable evaluations and 5-star ratings are published on some review sites, adversely affecting their reputation. Instead of always-glowing testimonials, entrepreneurs need rating tools to obtain genuine feedback on their opinions and measures. As a result, if a rating website is reliable, all of the corporate ratings it publishes must be thorough.

Requesting unbiased appraisers is the only way to get genuine feedback. People are free to contribute accurate information if they have no personal stake in a positive evaluation. Independent services, thankfully, provide objective feedback. One of them is Clutch. co.

What exactly is Clutch.co?

“Your go-to resource for making data-driven business purchases. To assist you in finding a firm for your next significant project, we conduct interviews with real clients, collect data, and compare the competition. “

In-depth client reviews, data-driven information, and vetted market leaders make up this platform.

Clutch explains its platform in this way. It says it all: they give you as much information about the companies as they can get their hands on. Of course, there are non-confidential ones, such as the company’s minimum project size, portfolio, and emphasis.

On Clutch.co, a firm’s profile comprises a broad description of the organization, its primary emphasis, a portfolio containing case studies, and verifiable client evaluations. But, above all, it’s all about you. The customer is looking for a company to collaborate with on a project.

Clutch only allows businesses to build profiles and maybe purchase subscriptions that will allow them to rate higher in your searches on the platform to help you in making an educated decision. Because brands can’t connect with you or delete negative reviews through Clutch, the rest is up to you (only the reviewee can change their review).

How has Clutch Benefited our Clients?

Access to a large number of service providers

It isn’t easy to select the proper partner, but Clutch.co allowed our potential customers to compare multiple IT firms in one spot. It’s convenient because the platform compiles all necessary data in one location and assists product owners in making final selections. Location, team size, hourly rates, minimum project value, description, and – most crucially – reviews with star ratings make up a brand profile. These are genuine customer testimonials that have been verified by Clutch.co so that you can trust them.

Estimates of initial costs

Clutch.co, as previously stated, releases information on the typical cost per hour that you may expect from particular businesses. This assisted our probable customers to figure out how much money they need to collaborate with us on specific projects.

Furthermore, don’t just look at the company’s prices in the description box. Every evaluation includes a section where clients rate their partners’ project costs. This provided them with the information to determine which project to choose based on their affordability.

Brand Authentication

On the market, there is an overload of software firms. It’s not challenging to come across ones that aren’t worth your time or money. Clutch.co lists the majority of the confirmed, well-known IT companies, so it should be your first destination when you want to confirm the presence of a service you located on Google.

Let’s pretend they’re a legitimate corporation that provides software development services. By browsing the platform, you may learn if they are good at what they do, what their strong and weak points are, and what are their most praised attributes. For instance, a potential customer can see Intelligenes reviews by actual customers, know about their experience and make an informed decision.

How has Clutch Beneficial for Intelligenes?

Attracting new customers

Every week, Intelligenes receive queries from new clients. Our sales team responds rapidly to communications, and the organization gets leads and profits. Even though Intelligenes already has a dedicated consumer base; there is always room for expansion. The feedback we’ve gotten indicates whether or not they give high-quality services. If a prospect comes across a brand while browsing this site, it might be the start of a long-term relationship.


Intelligenes has increased its credibility and, consequently, gets more leads by being included on Clutch.co. Because potential customers have immediate access to information about a company, this is the case. Aside from that, customers might look at rankings to see where we stand in the market.

We live in a world where people’s viewpoints are valued. Before buying anything, people research every product and service online. It’s more likely that they’ll reach out and work with us in the future if they can simply identify our company with outstanding reviews and all of the information (including rates) clearly expressed on a site like Clutch.co.

Improved SEO and Visibility

Being a member of Clutch.co significantly impacts our Google search ranking. Every potential client who searches for “software development” on the platform will find many providers. Having connections with external sources is beneficial to the website’s ranking in SEO. One of the best strategies to appear at the top of search engines is to have an updated, thorough profile on Clutch.co.

In today’s environment, visibility is synonymous with success. Clutch.co allows global users interested in developing software solutions to find brands, including ours. These leads are highly qualified, as they conduct a study before contacting Intelligenes.

Strong Brand Image

Every company’s brand image is extremely important. It’s not only about the logo, colours, or typefaces; it’s also about how the organization communicates with customers. Clutch.co is used as part of Intelligenes’ sales and marketing strategy, complementing how we communicate with its target audience.

When seeking developers for digital initiatives, social evidence is typically evaluated. Because such items necessitate large sums of money, clients prefer to avoid organizations that are unknown in the field. Clutch.co is an excellent way to develop and maintain credibility as an experienced organization with a wealth of knowledge and a strong staff on board.

Intelligenes on Clutch.co

It doesn’t matter what you have to say about yourself. “Empowering Business Growth,” according to the front page of the Intelligenes website. Is this correct? Yes, but until someone else agreed, you wouldn’t believe us. You shouldn’t either.

Except for verified customer evaluations, the marketing team controls everything you read about a firm on its website. Even self-published testimonials on a company’s website are frequently handpicked and rubber-stamped testimonials. That is why we want authoritative business directories like Clutch. Clutch assists service purchasers in quickly evaluating businesses and seeing genuine consumers through portfolio examples.

At Intelligenes, we encourage prospective consumers to speak with existing customers and view our previous work. Let’s have a look at an example.

Clutch.co has provided our prospective clients with the opportunity to see the experiences of previous clients, as seen above. If you want to know more about our services, book a free consultation session!

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