Abandoning the old ways and streamlining processes with the new ways is the reason to gain success in this digitally connected world. The same goes for businesses that tend to increase their efficiency and productivity. According to
impact study for Microsoft business applications, the Power Platform will impact the growth rate of the businesses by 25% and 39% gross margin increase and 102% to manage services. Microsoft automation and low-code solutions will continue dominating businesses in 2023.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power platform consists of various Microsoft products that help streamline business processes. The most important products of Microsoft include Power Bl, Power Apps and Power Automate. Microsoft FK»wer platform helps in turning ideas into business solutions. It helps in reducing the cost of the business by accelerating innovation by analyzing data, automating processes, and building apps and websites. It is an intuitive, collaborative and extensible platform that provides flexible solutions to a business.

Power BI

Microsoft Power Bl organizes the data and provides real-time insights to the business through dashboards and reports, It allows creating rich visualizations. These valuable insights help the business make better decisions. The users can see the
data on a unified platform.

The data available in graphs and charts are easy to consume, Power Bl aims to provide appealing visualizations that help in analyzing the information, The immersive and interactive insights from various data sources help discover the important
aspects for making business decisions.

Power Bl is available in three different versions: Power 81 Desktop, Pro Service, and Power Bl Premium, These are the free and
paid versions.

Power Apps

Power Apps Development  is a low-code app tool that helps create unique business apps. These mobile-friendly apps can also be used on other devices, including desktop tablet PCs. The apps can easily connect to Microsoft products and other third-party sources. They can fetch data easily. The business can add new features after launching the app at any point in

Creating an app with Power App does not require extensive coding knowledge. The user can create an app by using the drag-and-drop tools. The apps can be used on different browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, and mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. An organization can create an app for holiday management, employee onboarding, event
registration etc.

Power Automate

It helps in automating business processes and workflows. The business can automate all the time-consuming manual tasks. It can save this time for more productive activities. The enterprise can automate using pre-built templates, connectors, triggers, alerts, and RPA.

Reasons to use Microsoft Power Platform

Lets look at the reasons why businesses need Microsoft Power Platform.

Automation is a crucial for business

If a business continues to use traditional it cannot prove its efficiency. are solving challenges by developing automation strategies with the Microsoft Power Platform. using Power Apps, Power Automate and Microsoft Virtual Agents helps streamline the business to boost the employees’ economic activity. It in saving the time
of business on repetitive tasks, supply chain disruptions, and helps in executing sales and marketing plans for
better customer support.

The no-code tcds help in using the of the existing employees. It also saves the cost of the business as it does not
need to hire professional developers. Even with limited advanced coding knowledge, employees can create an app
efficiently. It lessens the burden on the IT teams.

Automation helps in customer support

The use of automation services helps in providing automated customer services. It helps in creating a fast response for the
customers. Moreover, the A1 capability helps receive real-time feedback, enhancing the efficiency of the tasks.

Low-code app development

Due to the downfall of professional developers worldwide, a business needs to optimize the low code tools. It stresses the need for creating low-code apps. With Power Apps and Power Automate, a business can use its existing employæs to create powerful applications and bespoke solutions.

Microsoft Power Platform is the perfect solution for any small business that wants to optimize automation through low-code apps or any established enterprise beginning to use Power Apps to create unique solutions.

Increase productivity

With the use of Power Automate, businesses can streamline and automate business processes by automating tasks that are done manually. Power Automate helps approve documents and processes and generate schedule flows. It will save a lot of time for the business.

Any business still using manual processes has to shift to automation in 2023. It will make the business improve its productivity. If the business optimizes automated solutions, it gets noticed in no time. using Excel to manage rnanual finance tasks will prove the business’s inefficiency in this digital world.

Facilitates remote work and collaboration

Power Platform offers web and mobile application integration for remote teams to collaborate instantly. It improves communication with the teams. Remote teams are working on flexible timing. This is why they need a platform that syncs calendars and displays their tasks. and keep track of their work. The Power Platform improves efficiency by constructing
workflows to save the employees time.

Power Platform offers a unique suite that unifies all the data. All the employees can powerfully visualize the data to analyze it and get valuable insights. They can now make Better Business decisions with these valuable insights.

Its just Microsoft

The combination of Inwerful products that include Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, and Power Bl Power Apps simplify business processes. All of them are working under the Microsoft ecosystem and simplifying the tasks. The most amazing thing about these apps is that they integrate easily, and users can use data anywhere.

A business needs to maintain a single source of connectivity. A tabular model is difficult for the whole organization to use. An organization that uses data and depends on it needs a cyclical analysis approach. Microsoft Power Platform solves this problem through Microsoft products by empowering the business.


Microsoft Power Platform is the future of every business aiming to grow in 2023. It streamlines business processes and provides a new way to look into things. It improves the productivity and efficiency of the business by automating manual
tasks. The business can create unique solutions through PowerApps. The integration of the apps helps simplify the tasks. The business gets a chance to maintain a single source of connectivity across the teams. Remote teams can collaborate more instantly and efficiently by constructing workflows. It is easy to use all the apps as they work under the Microsoft ecosystem.

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