Our Clients

We are proud to say that we have served
internationally and locally, wit,

Our Clients

We are proud to say that we have served internationally and locally, with

Introducing Boberg

Intelligenes partnered with Boberg, a leading construction company, to help them manage their massive
data. The system already in place was manual and outdated which needed to be replaced. We
automated their entire system. We developed a comprehensive application that revolutionized their data
management processes. The application was a huge success, saving Boberg time and money, and
improving customer satisfaction



Technologies Used

Low code


Power Automate


The Challenge/Requirement

Boberg was having a tough time managing their data. They had data scattered across multiple
systems and platforms, which made it difficult to keep track of everything. The system they were
using had it’s drawbacks, not just one but several. This led to inefficiencies, duplication of effort, and
a lack of access to important information when it was needed. So, instead of making changes to
the system, we created a whole new hassle-free system for them. Boberg needed a system that
would help them to collaborate better, get a holistic view of their projects, employees, and finances,
optimize their operations, and much more.

The Solution

We developed a construction data management application for Boberg using low-code
technology. Our goal was to create a strong platform that would help Boberg to streamline their
operations, automate processes, and consolidate their data in one secure location.

We worked closely with Boberg to design an intuitive application that would meet their specific
needs. The application allows Boberg to easily add new projects, assign them to foremen, and
manage their employees, all within a centralized system. The application also includes
comprehensive employee management capabilities, which help Boberg to efficiently handle
workforce allocation, track employee performance, and streamline communication among team
members. Not only this, all the information and links regarding their products and equipment were
carefully integrated.

In addition, our low-code solution provided Boberg with real-time visibility into the weekly progress
of their projects. Key milestones, timelines, and task assignments are visualized within the
application, which helps to foster transparency and facilitate effective decision-making. The billing
management features integrated into our system enable Boberg to generate and track invoices
seamlessly, reducing errors and optimizing financial processes.

The Outcome/Solution

Since implementing our construction data management application, Boberg has seen significant
improvements in their operations. The centralized platform has eliminated data silos, which has
made it much easier for Boberg to access critical information quickly and easily. As a result,
Boberg’s team is now able to make more informed decisions, which has improved project planning,
resource allocation, and overall efficiency.

Our low-code solution has also significantly reduced manual effort by automating time-
consuming tasks and providing real-time updates. This has freed up valuable time for Bobergs
employees to focus on core business activities. The application’s user-friendly interface has also
enhanced collaboration and communication, strengthening teamwork and fostering a positive
work environment.

We are proud to have partnered with Boberg in their journey toward improved construction