Customizable Procurement Solution Built Using Power Apps


Customizable Procurement Solution Built Using Power Apps

Introducing SmartBuy 2.0

SmartBuy is a Power Apps-based smart procurement solution designed for businesses that wish to automate their procurement operations but can’t, due to the high cost and lack of reliability of current solutions. Thanks to Microsoft’s Power App low-code environment, which provides both reliability and efficiency, as well as an incredible return on investment that was previously unattainable with traditional off-the-shelf solutions.

What’s New?

We are introducing some new and important features to the SmartBuy Smart Procurement App. These features will further enhance the performance and speed up the procurement process for you!

In-App Communication

SmartBuy’s in-app communication feature lets you track your procurement activities and never lose the loop to the ongoing conversation. This way, you can keep yourself updated with the order status and create a transparent and accessible communication environment.

Approved Budgets

Approved budgets are another feature that will help you speed up the process. The feature lets you have approved department- wise or location-wise budgets. This feature eliminates the hassle of going back and forth to the concerned authorities to approve the budget first and then start the procuring.

Vendor Catalogue

The built-in vendor catalogue speeds up the vendor selection process. The catalogue gives you an overview of all the vendors who have submitted their bids for the supply or the ones you have previously items delivered. The log also shows their current pricing of the items, service and delivery rates, delivery time and most importantly, the quality of the products they are offering.

Analysis Reports and Audit Logs

SmartBuy’s most important feature is the analysis reports and audit logs. This feature gives you a promising advantage to monitor and track your expenditures, budget and billings and audit records to assist you in making the best purchasing decisions for your organization.

Why SmartBuy?


Mobile Ready

No Recurring Expense

Purchase Requisitions

Submit and manage purchase requests from all of your company’s departments. Create a simple method for requesting any type of service or item. Send it to the right people and get approvals with time stamps and approver information.

Request for Quotations

Send out RFQs to registered vendors and wait for responses in order to improve your evaluation and selection. RFQs and vendor papers are managed in a central repository with only authorized individuals having access.

Purchase Orders

Give the winning proposal a Purchase Order. Create a custom PO that follows the company’s criteria. In order to issue the PO, you must have sufficient authorization from relevant users in Smart Buy. When a PO is issued, send notifications to stakeholders via email and system alerts.

Vendor Evaluations

Vendors can submit proposals in response to RFPs. Analyze proposals and, where needed, collaborate with vendors. View proposal comparisons to help you evaluate specific proposals more effectively. Send the proposals that have been shortlisted to the executive team for assessment and approval.

SmartBuy – Key Features

Purchase requisition

Vendor Categories

Mark preferred vendors

Pre-approved budgets

Analysis reports and audit logs

Smart approval rules

Issue RFPs to vendor

Evaluate Vendor Proposals

Manage purchase document

Centralize procurement for group of companies

Create RFP templates

Approval workflows

In-app communications

Issue purchase Orders

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