Intelligenes-powered synerge Talent

Introducing Synerge

Synerge is a marketplace that connects talented freelancers with businesses seeking exceptional skills
and expertise. It’s a one-stop shop for businesses to find the perfect freelancer for their project, no matter
what their needs are.

With Synerge, businesses can easily search for freelancers by skill set, location, and experience. They can
also read reviews from other businesses and freelancers, which helps them to make an informed
decision about who to hire.


Freelance Market place

Technology Used




The Challenge/Requirement

Synerge meant to address the challenges faced by businesses and freelancers in the talent marketplace. One of the biggest challenges was keeping freelancer profiles up-to-date with accurate information. Businesses also needed to be able to easily find freelancers with the right skills and experience for their projects. Synerge aimed to overcome these challenges by creating a platform that made it easy for businesses and freelancers to connect.

The Solution

Finding the perfect freelancer used to be a challenge. Businesses had to sift through tons of profiles
to find the right person for the job, and freelancers often struggled to get noticed. But that’s all
changed thanks to Intelligenes powered high-code platform.

High-code platforms are a type of software development platform that allows businesses to build
custom applications without writing code. This makes it possible for businesses to create powerful
and user-friendly freelancer marketplaces that can connect businesses with talented freelancers
quickly and easily.

The Outcome/Solution

Since the launch of Intelligenes-powered Synerge Talent platform, businesses have found it super
easy to find and hire freelancers. This platform provides a one-stop shop for businesses to connect
with talented freelancers from all over the world. This saves businesses time and money, and it
helps freelancers grow their businesses.

We are proud to partner with Synerge and deliver a high-code masterpiece that has transformed
the way talents are discovered and projects are realized. We are excited to see how Intelligenes-
powered Synerge Talent Connect continues to grow and evolve in the future.