IT Service Management has become increasingly important with more and more businesses going towards digital solutions. Increasing technical queries and traffic on websites have changed the way business used to be conducted, increasing the need for a solution to act as a comprehensive help desk for your digital business.

Next-Generation ITSM Trends to Follow:

ITSM is going get much more powerful transformations in 2018 as AI matures with User Interfaces getting better bezels and a more synchronized outlook.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has penetrated all operations of the business, as more firms go for process automation and reliance on smart systems for business processes. ITSM as an industry has undergone a massive transformation from a simple ticket system to a complex solution that involves a lot more than just automated machine responses.
Machine learning with time makes the system adapt to the processes and in turn, respond to them smartly and create backlogs of what the most common problems are that a customer is facing, push the relevant data from each backlog to their respective resource and then assign deadlines as to when the issue will be resolved. Thus, becoming more influential in troubleshooting while becoming more and more independent.

Interconnected Workplaces

Social Networks and instant messaging platforms have made communication viral, digital, and part of the workplace as well. While Skype dominates the conference rooms Slack has been causing serious disruption in this field and has become a source of attraction for ITSM industry experts who are working on models that can replicate the working model of the platform onto ITIL Services. This will increase social mobility both internally and externally between teams and Clients-Respondents.
An interconnected workplace is efficient especially when your ITSM solution works in real-time mode, ensuring your teams can coordinate and provide concrete responses to clients.

Make Conversation Interesting with AI Bots

Chatbots have gone from simple auto-response firefighting strategy to core employee-centered responsive system. Initially, ITSM platforms used to work as response setups with automated responses, Now the user demands real-time response with emphasis on the overall experience.

BOTS have the advantage of extended memory and process analysis. Thus, they can create responses for repetitive queries, meanwhile creating datasets that can help businesses make sound judgment and then strategize on it.
Voice Assistants will clearly put the Human element into a mechanical response. Apple and Microsoft have already shown that it’s possible with Cortana and SIRI. ITSM services of the future will have Voice Guides who will instruct procedures and troubleshoots crisp and clear. Voice Embedded features will provide the final pivot to the industry from text messages to complete audio guides which will be evolving as the system learns and automates its business process.

What is Alexxo?

A smart ITS and ITIL Support System that operates on intelligently designed operatives to ensure maximum efficiency.
Key Features of Alex xo Smart ITSM Solution:

• Smart Ticket Management.
• Priority Flagging Options.
• Smart Complaint Management
• Intelligent Updates on Unanswered Queries.
• Process Timeline and Escalation.
• Ensuring Brisk Complaint Resolution.

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