ACTivate Advance

The 21st Century Solution for strategic

ACTivate Advance

The 21st Century Solution for strategic Consulting

Introducing ACTivate

ACTivate Advance is a management consulting solution that provides organizations with the access to
proven tools at a fixed cost. Their interactive dashboard delivers custom scenarios, solutions, industry
trends, and action maps, empowering the clients with precise strategic guidance for complex business
issues in real time.



Technology Used




The Challenge/Requirement

ACTivate Advanced approached Intelligenes with the challenge of providing organizations with
real-time consulting solutions that offer precise strategic guidance for complex projects. The
existing lack of such a dynamic and interactive platform hindered their ability to effectively address
business issues.

The Solution

We at Intelligenes are always looking for ways to help our clients achieve their business goals.
When ACTivate Advance came to us with the challenge of providing organizations with real-time
consulting solutions, we knew that we had to go above and beyond. We started by developing a
comprehensive solution that was an amalgam of cutting-edge technologies.

We created a React JS front-end application integrated with an Asp .Net Core back-end. This
allowed us to build a user-friendly and interactive platform that was easy to use and navigate. We
also incorporated machine learning algorithms for data analysis. This allowed us to provide
organizations with valuable insights that they could use to make informed decisions. Finally, we
utilized SQL databases for efficient data storage. This made sure that the platform was scalable
and could handle large amounts of data. In addition to this standardized API specifications and
DevOps practices were also implemented.

The Outcome / Solution

The ACTivate Advance new platform made the whole process smooth like butter. It introduced
different user roles: a Portal Administrator who managed everything, a Customer Administrator who
helped organizations sign up, and Staff and Stakeholders who gave important input. The Portal
Administrator could do many this like handling customer profiles, seeing custom questions, and
uploading documents.

The system used smart technology to analyze responses and documents, showing different colors
to indicate vulnerabilities, progress, strengths, information needs, and neutral findings.
Comprehensive reports showed average ratings, gaps, and percentages.

Intelligenes and ACTivate Advance gave strategic consulting a 21st century makeover with real-
time data analytics and insights.