Check and Intelligenes

Together, We Make Travel Safer

Introducing Check

Intelligenes collaborated with Check, a valued client seeking a cutting-edge solution for safety and
verification. Leveraging our expertise in software development we developed an exceptional app that
ensured security and peace of mind for users on their journeys. The app included features such as
location tracking, notifications, safe phrases, and SOS messaging. We are confident that this app would
be a valuable resource for users who were looking for a way to stay safe while they were traveling.


Safety and Travel

Technology Used




The Challenge/Requirement

When it comes to personal safety while traveling, individuals often find themselves in need of a
reliable and efficient solution. Enter Check, a safety and verification app developed by Intelligenes
for its esteemed client.

The challenge was to create an app that allowed users to assign a designated person, called a
Checkmate, who would keep a watchful eye on their journey, whether it was a short trip or a long-
distance adventure. The app needed to incorporate various communication channels such as
notifications, safe phrases, sOS alerts, and PIN codes to guarantee effective and smooth user
experiences. The ambitious goal was to develop a mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms
that would empower users with safety and peace of mind.

The Solution

To address the challenge head-on, Intelligenes proposed a comprehensive solution that combined
modern technologies and meticulous design. The development team leveraged the power of React
JS for the front-end application, integrating it with an Asp .Net Core application at the back end. For
efficient data storage and retrieval, a Cosmos database was chosen, capable of handling the vast
amounts of relevant information required by the app. This all – in – one technological foundation
set the stage for the creation of a mobile app compatible with both Android and is, guaranteeing
widespread accessibility for users.

With a variety of features, such as timely notifications, pre-set safe phrases, SOS alerts, and PIN
codes, Check helps the users communicate their needs and concerns. The app’s user-friendly
design makes it a reliable companion for travelers.

The Outcome/Solution

The Check app has made a big difference in user safety during travel. With its timely notifications,
flexible cancellation options, and prompt checkmate responses, users can feel more confident and
secure when they travel. The app’s comprehensive activity tracking, SMS notifications, scalable
architecture, standardized API specifications, and DevOps practices all contribute to its success.
So whether you’re traveling for business or strolling through a crowded city, the Check app can help
you stay safe and sound.