The KnowAmmo

Connecting Firearms Enthusiasts with the
Ammo They Need

The KnowAmmo Platform

Connecting Firearms Enthusiasts with the Ammo They Need

Introducing Project KnowAmmo

KnowAmmo is a purpose-built crowdsourced network that embraces individual members who wish to
know about geographically proximate opportunities to purchase rifle and pistol ammunition. The
platform allows users to post listings for ammunition they have for sale, as well as to search for listings in
their area.



Technology Used




The Challenge / Requirement

The client, a firearms enthusiast, was facing issues while finding the best ammo. He wanted to have an app where he could sell and purchase ammo, and also find out about ammo that was available in his area.

The Solution

Intelligenes developed a custom software solution for the client that met his specific needs. The solution comprises a React J front-end application which integrates with an Asp .Net Core application at the backend. The solution also comprises a SQL database for storing relevant data.

The platform architecture was designed to support additional features in the future. The database design was designed to maintain records of all ammo listings, as well as user activity. The API specifications were designed to standardize data exchange between web services.

DevOps related activities were performed to maintain smooth delivery of product increments at the end of each sprint. DevOps activities included source control management, continuous deployment, and continuous integration.

The Outcome/Solution

The KnowAmmo platform was successfully launched and has been well-received by users. The
platform has helped users to find ammo that they need, and it has also helped sellers to connect
with buyers.

In addition to the client’s satisfaction, the KnowAmmo platform has also been a success in terms of
user engagement. The platform has seen a steady increase in traffic since its launch, and users
have been actively posting listings and searching for ammo.