Intelligenes Solves Library Issues and Version
update Problems for RungJumpers

Introducing RungJumper

We’re always looking for new ways to help our clients succeed. That’s why we were so excited to partner
with RungJumper, a web application that’s helping performance and leadership consultants manage the
professional development process with their coaches.

RungJumper was developed to provide a convenient and easy-to-use online coaching solution. Our
team of experts used their expertise in software development to help RungJumper create a platform that
facilitates individual and group coaching relationships.



Technology Used





The Challenge/Requirement

During the development of RungJumper, we encountered some out of the common challenges that
required our team’s expertise and resourcefulness. One of the major hurdles was the compatibility
issues with libraries and the need for frequent version updates. We understood the importance of a
smooth user experience and a reliable system, which led us to tackle this challenge head-on.

The Solution.

To overcome the library issues and version update problems, we devised an innovative strategy
that integrated various technologies. For the frontend, we got our hands on React JS, a powerful
JavaScript library known for its flexibility and responsiveness. This ensured a highly interactive and
user-friendly interface, improving the overall coaching experience for RungJumper users.

At the backend, we utilized the capabilities of Asp .Net Core, a versatile framework that provided a
strong foundation for the application’s core functionalities. This integration allowed for efficient
communication between the frontend and backend, that allowed smooth data flow and error-free
and easy user interactions.

To store and manage the relevant data, we used a SQL database. This provided a secure and
scalable solution for storing user information, coaching progress, and other important data points.

Our team’s proactive approach extended beyond the technical implementation as we engaged
directly with library owners. We proposed feasible solutions to address the compatibility and
versioning challenges, which were not only implemented in the original library but also contributed
to the wider community.

The Outcome/Solution

The outcome of our collaboration with RungJumper exceeded expectations. The application we
developed, brought forward a whole new coaching process, allowing performance and leadership
consultants to manage their coaching relationships and drive tangible results.

Through our proactive engagement with library owners, we not only resolved the initial challenges
but also improved the library itself. This collaborative effort supported a more stable and future-
proof solution for RungJumper and contributed to the advancement of the wider coaching

Our collaboration with RungJumper is a testament to our expertise in software development and our
commitment to help our clients in achieving their goals.