Customer onboarding is portrayed to be a straightforward process for most organizations. But when you have multiple heterogeneous systems where the client information must be processed, and customer data integrity must be preserved along the way, this ‘simple’ process can quickly become a nightmare for the resources involved.

Business Sherpa Group (BSG) is a leading provider of value-added services that help small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) reach peak business performance. Their customer onboarding process involves multiple disparate systems serving specific needs, e.g., CRM, Document Signing, Document Management and Project management. BSG manually managed customer onboarding formalities, but with rapid growth it became evident that manual solutions won’t be able to perform anymore. The need for a fully automated solution became a high priority.

So, is there a solution to such problematic circumstances? The answer is Yes!

Enter Microsoft Power Automate. Power Automate is a service that helps you create automated workflows between your apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more. Since BSG was already using Microsoft 365, Power Automate was already available to them.

Intelligences envisioned the following solution using Microsoft Power Automate and other systems:

The Process

1. The customer onboarding process begins with sales staff updating a lead status in Insightly, the
CRM. The status change triggers a workflow in Power Automate.
2. The flow fetches the lead data from Insightly and creates a customer profile and project in
SharePoint online.
3. A DocuSign envelope is automatically created using pre-defined templates which contain
Master Service Agreement (MS) and Scope of Work (SoW) and sent to the customer for
4. The Power Automate flow then waits for the client signatures to complete the process. As soon as
the signatures are done, the signed documents are fetched from the envelope and uploaded in
SharePoint against the respective client and project.
5. After signatures are done, the flow then proceeds to create a dedicated team site in SharePoint
online and invites customer users to it. This site is operated for day-to-day customer reporting
and collaboration.
6. At the same time, the flow creates a Team for BS employees in Microsoft Teams for internal
communication during the project.
7. Then the flow creates a Microsoft planner task board and pre-populates it with the tasks to be
done during the project based on the type of project.
8. Lastly, the flow integrates with Projector App and creates a new project for the management of
service charges and client billing.

The Result

By using Power Automate, Business Sherpa Group was able to fully automate their customer on-
boarding process resulting in a more streamlined, efficient and error-free customer experience.

Tools / Technologies Integrated

• SharePoint Online
• Insightly
• DocuSign
• Projector
• Power Automate
• Microsoft Planner
• Microsoft Teams

If your organization is still executing processes manually that should be automated, maybe it is now time to consider Power Automate. Click Here to learn more about our Power Platform Services. Give us a nudge and we’ll be happy to help you embrace automation in no time. Contact Us

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